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A Political Comedy

A Rachel Cunningham Film
Debate Prep Festival Poster.png

DEBATE PREP is a political comedy short film by Rachel Cunningham. Rachel wrote, produced, and starred in the film. It's directed by Dylan Tuba and co-produced by Ethan Fuirst. The film examines how sometimes the 'distractions' within the circus of a political campaign, national or local, can drown out the real needs of every day citizens. 


Rachel Cunningham as Aimee


John Noble Barrack as Sam


Behind the Scenes with: John, Rachel, and dir. Dylan Tuba! 

Scroll down to watch DEBATE PREP! 

You think National politics is wild?

Inside the campaign office of the underdog candidate in a race for Mayor of a small Ohio town, Campaign Manager Aimee has crafted the winning strategy to knock over the corporate-owned incumbent. Or at least, she thinks she has. A comedy about the drama, the absurdity, and the truth that politics is always local.

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